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In Case You Didn't Watch - Here are the Highlights

If we didn’t learn anything from 2020-2021 having one source of income can no longer be the norm. People were laid off from their jobs.

Then there was the Great Resignation of 2021 where, 4million people and counting realized that they either didn’t like their jobs or could do much more with their gifts and talents.

There were also people who just wanted to stay at home.

Regardless of the reason, having one stream of income was detrimental and stressful for the majority of the world.

Everyone wasn’t impacted the same way because they followed a simple rule.

Many people have heard this rule from entrepreneurs, moguls, and tycoons but it’s actually a law…a Spiritual law.

The reason why it’s more of a law than a rule is because it’s binding, it has to work, and anyone can follow it regardless of their religious/spiritual beliefs.

There are several ways to create income streams and I have a few options for you. 

Let's Make a Difference in Your Life with

Brilliant Income™ 

Abundant Living

Build a life to fuel your soul, health and wellness.


Be the C.E.O of  Y.O.U. Work where you want and whenever you want.

Financial Technology

Work with a global industry to create your own financial freedom and legacy.


What Do You Want to Achieve?

Develop a Business...

You have several options to earn income on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis by doing what you are already doing.

Start Your Clean Living Journey...

Improve the health, wellness, and overall environment for yourself and the loved ones.

Be a Team Builder...

Uncover, develop, or  enhance your leadership skills and knowledge with your own team and additional income for you and your family.

Build Your Financial Legacy & Literacy ...

Get into the financial trading markets using advanced technology to navigate the world of currency, crypto, and credentials.

If you want to learn more about each option, remember to select your path from the form below.

  • You will then receive some short to medium length videos for more information if needed.
  • You are not obligated to do anything but I do invite you to have an open mind.
  • You never know, this could be for you or for someone else you know.

My job is to provide you access and it’s your job to choose.

The goal with both options is to lead you to a path with a clear yes or a clear no.


I don’t know what the future holds but I want you to be prepared. One of my business mentors says this all the time: “ You have to build the arc before the flood” (~M.E.D).

Meaning, by the time rain comes, it’s already too late. Give your future the gift of listening. 

Be Well. Be Empowered. Be Bold. Be Brilliant. 

Sign up to explore and I’ll see you on the other side.