Your breakthrough to having the BRILLIANT, ABUNDANT, and DYNAMIC life you deserve is closer than you think.

Do any of these sound familiar?


  • Spent a lot of time and energy climbing the career ladder and you’ve reached the top wondering if this is it
  • Know you have so much to offer the world besides what your “title” says but you don’t know where to start
  • Spend majority of your time building up your professional career that you’ve lost track of the woman you know yourself to be
  • Have felt judged by people because you want more out of life and they are telling you to be grateful for the life that you worked so hard to get
  • Mastered a few areas of your life but you are ready to uncover or rediscover those hidden treasures that may have been buried or pushed to the side
  • Spend a lot of time helping and supporting others as they fulfill their dreams but you feel like no one is there to support your dreams
  • You’re so ready to have the life that’s been in your head but YOU:

    ~ Didn’t know this was possible

    ~ Felt guilty for wanting more

    ~ Let others talk you into an either or life (career OR family)

    ~ Spent so many years building one skill set that you feel stuck

    ~Think that it’s too late to discover new possibilities


    You Want:

    • To be in a place where you can put that degree label or position title to the side for a moment and just be yourself. No initials before or after your name…just YOU.
    • A moment to take your super SHEro cape off without appearing weak or feeling judged. You want to feel EMPOWERED to embrace your choices and decisions.
    • To save time because you don’t have time to commit to a year -long mastermind, 6 –month program or even a 3 – month group session, besides, all you really need is a deep-dive jump start.

    I Know You...You:

    • Are brilliant, ambitious, capable, determined, and a force to be reckoned with. 
    • Dominate your professional life whether you chose the path or one was chosen for you.
    • Go for what you want, especially in the professional space, but you rarely bring that same energy to your personal life.
    • See a vision in your head of having this breathtaking, dynamic life but then you wonder, “can this really be for me?”

    Well, the answer is YES, Absolutely!


    Path to Possibilities Framework™:

    5 steps to Becoming Professionally Powerful through Personal Empowerment

    The Brilliance Beyond Degrees™

    Virtual VIP Experience:

    Why This Program?

    Why UP-Level Your Brilliance™?

    Why This Format - VIP Strategy Session ?

    In this experience ~ we focus on specific issues YOU want to resolve that impacts both your personal and professional life. The great thing about THIS format is that YOU are always in the front row and the material is spread out WITH additional support.

    Custom Micro Sessions ~ are custom designed to meet your needs and are completely life-changing in multiple areas of your life.  They are created with the focused intent within a framework to deeply explore your gifts, dreams, goals, ambitions AND resolve those old self-limiting issues! You get to be as open and honest as possible WITHOUT judgement.

    UP-Level Your Brilliance™ Blueprint ~ is Hours of intensive, concentrated laser-focused module virtual sessions to uncover, unlock, unleash your Brilliance where we will develop a practical blueprint for holistic success. This is done with strategic, actionable steps to help you feel empowered, bold, and confident to delve deeper into the other areas of your life beyond your degrees, titles, and positions.

    Our Time Together You’ll receive our proprietary Time Optimization Framework™ and one (1) brief follow-up call with Dr. V 30 to 45 days after your VIP Day for a quick check-in.

    If you live outside of the United States this session can take place in segments via Zoom or another version of video conferencing.

    Doesn't that feel good?

    Here’s what people are saying....

    Dr. Kim H.

    Professor & Speech Consultant

     Life and Time Saver

    I needed to figure out what direction to take my career and I had to be honest with myself about what I really wanted and where I wanted to be. Dr. V helped me to get clear about my career and what I needed to fulfill my personal life. 

    Sheniqua J. RN

    Wellness Entrepreneur, Author

    I had to let go...

     I was in a place where I felt like I hit a professional ceiling. I accomplished so much but I was still stuck. Dr. V helped me to realize that I was holding on to my professional title that no longer served me. After releasing the identity of being a nurse I was free to start my Wellness business and online courses.

    Dr. Phildra S.

    Leadership & Business Coach

    Next level strategy and value

    I needed strategy for my YouTube videos and I left with so much more. Dr. V helped me to limit my self-talk about what I needed to charge for my next event and realize the value that I offer.  I was able to think more clearly and see the framework for my business that was already in place.

    You finally get to put yourself FIRST!

    Your Investment

    UP-Level Your Brilliance Framework ™: 

    5 Steps to Becoming Professionally Powerful through Personal Empowerment  

    is valued at over $25,000.

    The normal investment for a laser-focused deep dive intensive with support is  $15,000 

    Passionate about YOUR transformation.

    I am passionate about helping YOU see what's possible in multiple areas of YOUR life and I understand that these higher prices may not be accessible to everyone. However, it's important to understand that you are investing in YOURSELF and your TRANSFORMATION.

    Let's Get Ready To Live Your Best Life

     Paid in Full
    • The investment for a virtual VIP strategy session is $10,550 when paid in full. .  
    • Installments are available but tuition must be paid in full prior to your session being scheduled.




    • Lifetime Access
    • Immediate Start
    • Access to All Modules
    • Coaching Calls



    One sentence summary of what they get

     Time: Your choice

    Option 1: Morning session will start at 9:00 am EST and end around 2:00pm EST.

    Option 2: Afternoon session will start at 1:00pm EST and end around 6pm EST. 

    You’ll break for lunch/snack and continue your possibility discovery. 

     VIP Strategy Session In Person

    There is a $5k surcharge for Dr. V to travel to your city for a VIP Day if you live within the USA.  You can also schedule a Luxe VIP Experience with me in the Central Florida Area

    About Me! Your Brilliant Solutionist

    Hi, I know what it's like to have an awesome list of accolades and degrees but still feel empty inside. I remember the days where I would leave the stages of major organizations feeling excited and basking in the praise of the people I just helped but heading to my hotel room or back home feeling like a fraud because I didn't feel like that same person on the inside. 

    I decided to end that cycle and learned how to have a fulfilling life in multiple areas of my life. I had to be happy as a professor, workshop facilitator, sister, grand-daughter, and a WOMAN.

    I am now the Founder of Glenn-White Global Solutions, a high-end advice company where we focus on self-expansion, self-leadership and upgrading the human experience with an emphasis on practical application for complex situations. I'm  an infopreneur (a person who blends the gift of teaching with entrepreneurship) where I  operate as a strategic coach, trainer, consultant, and speaker. I'm known for my ability to help individuals and organization get clear on their next steps both personally and professionally and get them into ACTION. I get results through empowered accountability where I remind my clients of the dreams and goals THEY said they wanted to accomplish, while also encouraging and supporting them through the process. People have said, “if you want the truth, ask Dr. V. If you don’t want the truth, still ask her because she will tell you anyway out of love”.


    Dr. V has written several publications for various professional organizations ranging from mathematics to school improvement to cultural responsiveness. Dr. V has also worked with large universities and school districts to help leaders understand the importance of human connection, core values, AND content. Dr. V has written two books and her second book Embracing Grit for Greatness: Becoming Professionally Powerful through Personal Empowerment - debuted at number #1 in the Educational Certification and Development category the same day it released on Amazon. Dr. V is the 2022 recipient of the Emory O. Jackson Journalism award for South Atlantic Region of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated. In 2022, Dr. V became a Lisa Nichols Certified Transformational Trainer, which is a highly coveted spot with less than 100 trainers world-wide.


    Dr. V has spoken on several stages both face-to-face and virtually on a variety of topics and her messages have been broadcasts and streamed to over 118,000 people. While her content topics may vary, the common thread in Dr. V’s talks are centered on being empowered, bold, and embracing brilliance.


    Dr. Vernita spends her days facilitating personal growth sessions, hosting workshops, creating content, guest speaking about the importance of women empowerment and abundant living, and sharpening her skills as a consultant and strategists by doing her OWN personal growth work. Most importantly Dr. V enjoys creating memories with family and friends.

    Are you ready to Uncover, Unblock, and UP-Level your path to an  Unstoppable life towards More:

    • Acceptance of yourself?
    • Money?
    • Success in your career/business?
    • High-minded relationships?

    • Love?
    • Adventure?
    • Creativity?
    • Organization?

    • Healthy habits?
    • Spiritual connections?
    • Time?
    • Way to build the community you need?

    • Of what you desire and deserve to have?

    It can all be yours … anything you dream of  and desire.

    How awesome would it be to learn:

    • Your customized pathway to immediately to create a life you deserve
    • How to create your holistic life success plan
    • How to shift from the outdated beliefs that have held you back and kept you playing small   in the past
    • How to create a tangible shift in your mindset, behavior and actions
    • How to release any negative thoughts, feelings or conversations that are blocking your path
    • How to cultivate and maintain peace of mind

    YES -Exhale!

    Say  No More, I'm In...

    • The investment for a virtual strategy session is $10,500 when paid in full. 
    • Installments are available but tuition must be paid in full prior to your session being scheduled.




    • Lifetime Access
    • Immediate Start
    • Access to All Modules
    • Coaching Calls



    One sentence summary of what they get

    Book a Clarity Call with Dr. Vernita 

    I know you already made your decision but it's still great to connect. 

    More Love

    Dr. Shawnrece C.

    College Dean, Author & Entrepreneur 

    Time Optimization for Family First

     I was dealing with adjusting to my new position at a new university and I knew that I needed to keep working on my book projects. Dr. V showed me strategies to optimize my time while still embracing my motto and core value of Family First. I can be successful at work and at home without neglecting either one. 

    Khalia F. MPH 

    Health Education Specialist

    Organization and Reality 

     I already knew my purpose and I realized that I was more of a planner than executer. Working with Dr. V I was able to get clear about what I really wanted along with a timeline that would help me execute my plans. I also realized what was stopping me from going after those goals and I needed to do better at organizing my personal life like I do my professional life. 

    Nicole W.

    Mathematics Specialist

    Security is a top priority 

     I was struggling about decisions I needed to make in my personal and professional life. I thought it was me losing my drive or being afraid to advance. However, I realized it had nothing to do with either of those. Dr. V helped me uncover my core values and how I had been unconsciously making decisions or not making decisions based on my next steps in life. I didn't realize how much being and feeling secure was important to me. Now I feel so much better without feeling pressured to make decisions based on a certain age.

    Path to Possibilities™ 5-Step Framework

    Yes, there is structure

    Overarching Topics - Sample Itinerary


    Part 1: Focus Your Awareness

    Identifying where you are in your life, gaining the courage needed to acknowledge any limiting beliefs and minding your mindset of the negative chatter in your head.


    Part 2: Find Your Truth

    Acknowledging and addressing your true emotions at the core of who you are.


    Part 3: Flip Your Script

    Understanding the story you’ve been telling yourself to keep you stuck then rewriting the story with a new ending. 


    Part 4: Flex Your Bounce Back

    Identifying and strengthening your resiliency muscles.


    Part 5: Feature Your Brilliance

    Creating a plan that focuses on your zone of genius personally and professionally.

    Uncover, Unblock, UP-Level

    The entire UP-Level Brilliance Framework ™ process is not just a course, it's an EXPERIENCE! In order to maximize your time, you will start the journey with:

    Pre-work to uncover what's hidden

    Pro-work to unblock what's stuck

    Post-work to up-level what's already inside

    Consider This....

    Your life WITHOUT Your Brilliant Strategy Session and your life

    WITH the Brilliant VIP Strategy Session .

    Life Without 

    • Living below your birthright and selling yourself short
    • Focusing only on your professional life and forgetting that you’re more than your position
    • Holding yourself mentally hostage and feeling like an imposter
    • Taking 1 step forward and falling two steps back and not knowing why
    • Allowing perfectionism to keep you stuck
    • Having fear keep you down after a setback
    • Using all your talent in one area and not utilizing your other skills


    LIfe WITH

    Simple, fast and effective

    • Writing a new story for yourself – one that embraces who you really are!
    • Creating more loving and supportive relationships.
    • Forgiving yourself, your past, or anyone you’ve felt hurt by.
    • Gaining the momentum you need to take the actions that will transform your life and business.
    • Understanding  how to let go of perfectionism while still having high standards for yourself
    • Having the ability to bounce back when life knocks you down
    • Learning how to transfer your skills to have more impact and influence on your terms

    Let's Face It - You Have Choices


    Give up on yourself.

    Give up on your REAL dreams. 

    Give up on your Divine Assignment(s).

    Figure this out on your own.


    TRANSFORM  to being the dynamic, confident woman you know you’re meant to be in ALL areas of your life.


    Imagine taking a massive leap in your personal development in just 1 laser focused session!

    Imagine cutting away months (or even years!) of stress, frustration and unhappiness!

    Imagine gaining clarity, developing a plan and seeing results in ONE Day!

    ·   That’s the power of a Brilliant VIP Experience with ME

    I'm ready to unlock my BRILLIANCE!

    Bonus Features

    Once you sign up, you get instant access to some amazing offers. While I believe this experience is enough on it's own to provide the transformation you desire, I understand the importance of a 360-experience. I have personally found it helpful to interact with material in different ways. I have provided a variety of ways as bonuses to compliment your learning. 

    Need More Support?

    Unlock Your Brilliance Experience

    You Get all the perks of the VIP Experience + Support over a longer period of time

    Book a Clarity Call with Dr. Vernita 

    I know you already made your decision but it's still great to connect. 


    Who Is This Brilliant VIP Experience For?

    This is how you know if you're ready or not to Up-Level Your Brilliance with a Strategic VIP Experience!

    You're a good fit if 

    • You are READY to live beyond your birthright and into abundance.
    • You are READY to focus on  MORE than your position
    • You are DONE with holding yourself mentally hostage and feeling like an imposter
    • You are READY to take the first step AND keep MOVING forward!
    • You are WILLING to break up with perfectionism!
    • You are WILLING to own your setbacks and bounce back even STRONGER!
    • You are READY to use ALL your talents and gifts in multiple areas of your life!  
    You're not a good fit if
    • You DON'T want to write a new story for yourself – one that embraces who you really are!
    •  You're NOT interested in creating more loving and supportive relationships.
    • You are UNWILLING to forgive yourself, your past, or anyone you’ve felt hurt by.
    • You want to TAKE YOUR TIME getting into action that will transform your life and business.
    • You are HOLDING on to perfectionism and using it as an excuse.
    • You BLAME others for your setbacks.
    • You DON'T want to improve your skills to have more impact and influence on your terms.

    From my heart...

    I feel totally and awesomely blessed to have you in my life.

    And I mean that.

    It’s so important for me to cultivate the knowing within the people I work with how valuable, worth it, unique, and divine they truly are.

    So as brilliant, empowered, adults it makes sense that we respect each others time deeply and profoundly.

    I prepare for your experience – because it means a lot to me. And in light of that, there are no refunds for Digital materials, Private Intensives or Breakthrough Clarity Sessions.

    Sometimes you need to change a date, I get it – and if I can accommodate you I will. If we cannot come up with an alternative date your deposit would be non-refundable.

    Thank you so much for understanding.

    Blessings & love,

    Dr. V!