Are you ready to own your BRILLIANCE as a leader, trainer, professional, or high-achieving individual striving to live their best life?

Let me show you how to walk in your zone of genius while embracing who you BE and learning how to optimize your talents, gifts, and time!  I'm sure you want more out of life but there is no point in simply wanting if you haven't established what you really want to have or if you haven't created the space to enjoy it. 

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Are you high achiever or higher performer at the top of your game and still feel like something is missing?

Have you sacrificed relationships to focus on your career/professional life?

Have you become what your colleagues, business partners, friends, family want you to be and lost yourself along the way?

Do you tell yourself that you have everything figured out and when someone asks, “how are you?” you say “F.I.N.E” …meaning that there are Feelings Inside Not Expressed.

Are you covering up feeling like a fraud, empty, bored, miserable, unfulfilled, or empty?

(whispering this...) Do you know deep down inside that you are only operating at 65% because it looks like 150% to someone else?

You’re not alone. So, let’s start there.

We all want what society or even our inner circles describe as the “dream life” and that often includes, more money, loving relationships, freedom, joy, and everything else wrapped in happiness. Guess what, there is nothing wrong with wanting the “good life” but there are three things must happen: 

First, you must define what that good life looks like for you both personally and professionally.

Second, you must believe that you can have the life of your dreams. 

Finally, you must believe that you deserve to have the type of life you desire even if it feels out of the "norm".

I’ve developed several proven transformational avenues, specifically designed for high-achievers, to help you learn how you can get out of your own way and truly live your most empowered life by uncovering and then removing the elements that keep you hostage to your own success. I’m going to show you how to live powerfully in both life and career completely whole without feeling like you’re living a double life. You get to be empowered in your career, health and wellness, relationships, spirituality, finances, creativity, and any other area you want to up-level…..

Up-Level Your Brilliance®.

Results I Produce in the World...

Hi! I'm Dr. Vernita Glenn-White, founder of Glenn-White Global Solutions, a high-level training and personal development company and home of THEE V.I.B.E Institute ® where we teach high achievers how to  {V.I.B.E}  Vibrate higher in their Influence/Impact, Brilliance, and Excellence as they break their personal glass ceilings to become their most powerful selves in life and career.

I'm a Strategic Transformational Coach and as a result of working with me high achieving individuals learn how to dominate every area of their lives by owning their brilliance and their breakdowns, accepting their wholeness and incompleteness, and embracing their confidence and insecurities to become their most empowered selves personally and professionally. 

I'm looking for high level professionals who are ready to embrace all of who they are to become the person they know they were meant to BE and who desires to live a life they love while leading, serving and loving those who need them the most. 

Who do you know?