So what is a Branded-Backend System?

Simple Perspective

Have you ever wondered how a those "get 10% off" pop ups keep showing up in your inbox? 

Do you wonder why people started having "calendar links" to schedule meetings instead of doing the "when-can-we-meet dance"?

Have you ever used the "send later" button in your email so you wouldn't forget?

Well, that's part of a "backend" system.

Business Perspective

Have you started all the things for your (insert) business but you still can't put the pieces together (email, scheduled calls, landing pages, social media links, payment methods, etc.)? 

Do you know what to do "technically", but still sit at your computer like where to start?

Do you want people to "magically" show up in your programs, on your calendar, or in your inbox?

Well the "backend" of the service/business is the solution to those problems. 

Think of "Backend Systems" as the "Behind-the-Scenes" of You

Having systems in place is like having a  LESSON PLAN for your career, business and LIFE! The purpose is to automate as much as possible in the beginning so you can focus on your zone of genius. 

We help you create a customized plan with a soft-entry to tech, support with the basics of automations, and help you plan, design, and organize the content you already have. 

Bottom line, people should be getting to know you while you're working on other projects, on vacations, or even in your SLEEP.  

What I love the most is that these skills can also be applied to your everyday life!

Do these sound familiar?

Are you tired of...

Manually typing each email versus batching them for automation?


The wrong clients booking you because your social media isn't’ organized and doesn't represent who you say you are?


Creating videos based on how you feel each day vs. having the organization to create at least 20 in a weekend?


NOT booking clients, contracts, customers  or connections at all?


Waking up each day randomly posting and hoping that your content attracts people vs. having a themed strategy for a long period of time?


Knowing that you're an expert behind the scenes but don’t know what automated platforms to use to showcase your personal brand online?

Then Guess What?
It’s time for you Do What Most Parallelpreneurs and business owners Won’t Do and Get Ahead of the Curve

It's Time To...

Stop Hiding and Start Standing Out

Be the GO-TO Expert or Thought Leader In Your Industry 

Build a Platform That Will Work for Your Career AND Business

Engage With Your Audience Like Never Before

Have a System To Create Content That Works For You While You Sleep…(or work your other job)

Make A Shift Into Full-Time Entrepreneurship But Have a Solid Foundation Before Taking the Leap

Are You READY?


Together We Will...


Stage 1:

Audit Your Digital Real Estate (social media) & Understand Your Online Positioning


Stage 2: 

Organize and Create Content that Converts


Stage 3: 

Strategically Optimize Your On-stage and Off-stage Presence


Stage 4: 

Increase Your Visibility & Strengthen Your Expertise with Videos


Stage 5: 

Setup Pathways to Get Paid from Social Media using Automation


Stage 6: 

Engage in a Crash Course for Choosing Powerful Platforms that work for YOU!


Bonus Stage: 

Learn the Mind Shifts you need to get serious and consistent about organizing and automating your business and your life so you can focus on the things that matter. 

How does this sound? Are You Ready?

 Here's the investment.

Still thinking? Keep reading...

 Having an online business or "side-hustle" is all the rave right now and the attraction has spiked since 2020! (we know what happened…).

  • Get 6-Figures in 6-Weeks! - “they” said
  • Start your online coaching business in 7 Days! -”they” said
  • Launch Your Course to 10K a month! - “they” said
  • Package Your Expertise and Pitch to Millions! - “they” said
  • And more…”they said”

  All of those tag lines sound amazing and they are DEFINITELY possible.  

All this talk makes entrepreneurship sound super sexy, fun and exciting!


What most people don’t realize is that it takes WAY more than a desire, a few posts and a catchy business name to generate these results consistently.

Okay…MAYBE you can get a bunch of clients to pay you a lot of money BUT…

Don't have the answers to those questions...Let's continue...

I personally don’t believe everyone needs to be a full-time entrepreneur but I DO BELIEVE everyone, especially my HIGHLY-skilled, HIGHLY-trained, HIGHLY-educated people, LIKE YOU should have M.I.T (multiple income technology) or multiple streams of income. A few of those streams should involve YOUR EXPERTISE!

Who Are You To WantThis Possibility...Really?

Enter, my favorite type of person…. the PARALLELPRENEUR! 

That's YOU!

  • You show up fully in your career but you also want to have MORE impact and influence so, you start a “side hustle”.
  • You are helping someone (a company) build their dream while also building YOUR dream at  the same time.
  • You are doing all the “responsible” things with your current salary/income but you want to do even BIGGER things by starting a business.


doing big things at the same  (D&#+) time!

BUT Not So Fast...

I have a feeling that you aren’t really showing up in this business space like the BOSS you are in your day job.



I know you’ve been waiting to expand your expertise or genius beyond your current career but you don’t know how to start.


You signed up for a self-study marketing course but fell off due to time or lack of accountability.


You know exactly what to do and how to do it but you don’t have time to put all the backend pieces together.


Maybe you have started your business but everything is all jumbled up.


Perhaps you have had amazing business coaches but you missed a step or a few on the backend portion.


OR, you just want to focus on the super sexy, fun and exciting part…of the “Parallel” but not the “PRENEUR” part…you get the point. 

I know what it feels like to get excited about the possibilities of starting your own coaching, consulting or service business.

  • You get the LLC
  • You probably get a website name
  • You Google a few ideas for building your website
  • You search how to start an online business, follow the top YouTuber 
  • …..then you STOP!

Why? Because IT. IS. A LOT. A LOT.

I’m sure you’ve heard that every sign of frustration is a sign of a missing system. 


Having systems sounds easy until you realize what SYSTEMS really are.

This is the part of entrepreneurship that gets overlooked because it’s not the fun part. Most 

entrepreneurs dread systems work and it’s even more painful for PARALLELPRENEURS.

Why Do I Care?

 [My Problem]

I too was a Parallelprenuer and doing all the things.

I was a full-time, tenure-tracked college professor with a full course load and advising load.

I also started my own consulting business at the same time. 

I would love to tell you that everything went great and I hit those 6-figures in 6-weeks. NOPE!

Things were falling apart and I was burning out…FAST.

I had to figure something out. I hired some amazing coaches and learned so much but I still struggled in my career and in my business.

After a few years of personal development, the business development training finally kicked in. I learned how to put systems in place for my college courses, my business AND my life. 

Things were operating on autopilot. It was a lot of work up front but with my systems in place, I was able to:

  • Speak at more conferences without canceling my classes

  • Get 4- and 5-figure training contracts for my business while attending conferences for work

  • Write articles for academic publications while also publishing two personal books (one of them hitting the #1 Amazon Best Sellers list)

  • Create an automation system to attract more clients and  limit my time doing busy work at my job and most importantly

  • Spend more time taking my grandmother to her doctor appointments and helping her with errands.

How Did I Do It?   [My Solution] 

 Learn how to:

Clarify your online expert position 

Audit Your Digital Real Estate & Understand Your Online Positioning.

How to Strategically Optimize Your On-stage and Off-stage Presence.

Automate your career/business

How to Create and Organize Content that Converts.

How to Set up  to Get Paid from Social Media using Automation.

get the message out and market yourself

How to Increase Your Visibility & Strengthen Your Expertise with Videos.

Crash Course in Choosing Powerful Platforms.

While This May Sound Amazing...It Was A STRUGGLE  At First And It Took Way Too Long!

I don’t want that for you.

You have SO much to offer the world but I know you are either avoiding the systems work or getting overwhelmed with the systems work and you are feeling trapped. 

Building systems became fun for me but I understand the frustration you’re facing as a (former) fellow parallelpreneur.

You ALSO Get:

  • Life & Business Building Systems
  • Expert Coaching & Support
  • Transformative Accountability
  • A Built-in- Life & Business Bestie

 Time is going to TIME regardless so why not DO THE MOST with what you have NOW!”

Investment Options


Value - $7200

Best Offer  $5497


Pay every 30 days

 2 x Installments of  $3037 

Again, I want  [You To ]

  Learn how to batch create emails and set them for automation

★ Be able to create multiple videos in a short amount of time

Build a Platform That Will Work for Your Vision

Engage With Your Audience Like Never Before

★ Have a System To Create Content That Works For You

Soar past of Most Parallelpreneurs and other Business owners who are doing this on their own

Have a Solid Foundation for Full-Time Entrepreneurship IF You Ever Decide to Shift

The freedom to operate in your gift at the highest level.

This Is the Lesson Plan You Need

The 6-Stage Game Plan to Jump-Start Your Path to Profit

Let's start taking TASKS off your TO-DO list.

Book a Call today and let's start creating your [Path to Profit] as a Parallelpreneur!

A little more  about me:

Hi, I’m Dr. Vernita, (Dr. V) and  I’m the Brilliant Solutionist and Life Expansion Strategist for the Highly Ambitious and Elite. I am the best-selling author of the book Embracing Grit for Greatness, a national speaker, and former college professor who still loves the art and science of teaching. My mission in life is to bankrupt the graveyard by helping you Embrace Your Brilliance so you can Expand Your Life

today! I don't want you to be Brilliant, but broke/ broken, or the best kept secret. I am the CEO of Glenn-White Global Solutions, an advice company specializing in training and development for parallelpreneurs, thought leaders, high-achievers and the super ambitious. We provide practical solutions to complex situations for individuals and organizations. Let's Jump-Start or Reboot Your Brilliant Business and Your Paths To Profit today!

Don't Take My Word For It... 

See What Others Are Saying 

Sheniqua J., Rn

Nursing Professor, Author, TV Personality 

 A 4 hour mastermind session with Dr. V - she helped me identify what was missing from my backend systems and showed me how to maximize my time with seamless automations.

Kevin G., MBA

Pharmacist, Speaker, and Life Coach

During my personal mastermind sessions with Dr. V - I was able to book a 4-figure client in 15 minutes using one key system, I streamlined my process to connect with clients, I was able to regain my time by not conducting business in my DMs and I was able to create an easier way to get paid from my Facebook Lives. We did all of this and more before I even completed the entire game plan.

Marsha F.

Leadership & Career Strategist 

I struggled with producing the content for my conference. I had so many ideas and I was getting overwhelmed. Dr. V helped me brain dump my ideas, organize my thoughts and build a system around creating the content for two conferences. I was able to use this work to create my social media posts as well. What I valued the most was the direct and specific feedback from Dr. V. 

During Our micro strategy sessions other ParalleLpreneurs Have:

-Increased their speaking fee by $1800 using a simple 10 word email

            (Dr. Barabara S. Life & Leadership Coach)

- Learned how to repurpose Instagram Live Content on YouTube with ease

              (Marsha F. Leadership and Career Strategist)

- Followed my YouTube content checklist to create more videos

          (Dr. Phildra S. Success Coach and Business Consultant)

- Completed books in less than 90 days

           (Sandra S. Engineer)

- Created a content schedule to write more novels while still working as a College Dean

          (Dr. Shawnrece C. Professor of English &College Dean)

- Mapped out a Speech and  Language business with confidence and clarity and was able to negotiate with a web designer saving herself THOUSANDS of dollars

          (Dr. Kim H. College Professor and Speech & Language Consultant)

-Developed strategic systems to complete their dissertations sooner , quicker, faster to meet their deadlines for graduation. 

          (Dr. Kellie A. College Professor, Dr. Daya T. Architect, Dr. Treva J. Transformational Leader of Equity, Dr.           Khalia F. Healthcare Professional)

I’ll be honest, these clients produced these results from our limited time together WITHOUT my detailed 6-Stage Game Plan so IMAGINE what YOUR results will be like when you WORK with me and my team.

You can get results like them and BETTER 

 But you have options…


Option 1 - You can go at it alone and continue to figure out how to do all of this by watching hours of YouTube videos and endless freebies you’ve probably downloaded


Option 2 - You can outsource. Hire someone or a team of people to create everything for you without knowing what they are doing and pay several THOUSANDS  of dollars EVERY. SINGLE. TIME You need something done like a new video, a new landing page, a new email sequence, etc.


Option 3 - (my favorite option, of course) We get to work together 1-on-1 and I show you everything I know about the how to’s and not to do’s of backend systems building and content creation. You get supported by someone who has actually done the work. You also have access to my team and you will leave with more confidence, clarity, certainty and completed systems in 8 weeks. Finally, you will leave with the gift of KNOWING HOW to run your backend even if you decide to outsource later.

This is  For You If You...

  • Are TIRED of building or creating content for your job but not having the time to create your own
  • Are FRUSTRATED with watching people who are less talented than you get the consulting contracts or the coaching clients you desire
  • Are OVERWHELMED with funnels, thumbnails, platform building, graphics, etc. 
  • Don’t have TIME to build email sequences and other systems for your business
  • Want to get your REAL message out but struggling where to start 
  • Want to INCREASE your visibility as the expert and thought leader you were BORN to be
  • Want to LEARN and get SUPPORT from someone who has done it and continues to do it

Investment Options


Value - $7200

Best Offer  $5497


Pay every 30 days

2 x Installments of  $3037 

Reminder of our time together

8 Weeks of Systems + Content Building Coaching for Parallelpreneurs

6-Stage Game Plan to JumpStart Your Path to Profit


Stage 1: 

Audit Your Digital Real Estate (social media) & Understand Your Online Positioning


Stage 2: 

Create and Organize Content that Converts  


Stage 3:

Strategically Optimize Your On-stage and Off-stage Presence


Stage 4: 

Increase Your Visibility & Strengthen Your Expertise with Videos  


Stage 5: 

Develop a Pathway to Generate Social Sales & Automation 


Stage 6: 

Get a Crash Course in Choosing Powerful Platforms


Bonus Stage: 

Mind Shifts and Life Shifts  to support those underlying blocks that have been keeping you stuck and inconsistent with your content, business, and other life goals.  

Book Your Call Today and secure your spot.
 I'll See You on the other side!

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