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It all goes down October 17th - 21st at 7:00pm EST Live

You should join if you are on the brink of joining the Great Resignation but you don't want to leave your career.....just yet.

You know there is more to life and you're tired of pouring everything you have into a job or career.

You want to have some fun and be my accountability partner so we can lift these shoulders together!! 

Join The October Webinar 

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October: 4th @ 7pm EST

7th @ 7:30pm EST  

12th @ 7:30pm EST

 17th @ 7:00pm EST

 21st @ 6:00pm EST

This live webinar will take place over several days.  It will be the same information but there could always be a twist with a live training.

Why the same training over different days? I want to make sure I reach as many brilliant people as possible. I will show you the 5 strategies I used to get out of my own way, find my voice at work, and position myself to showcase my brilliance in my career and in other areas of my life.

For some, this webinar will be all you need. For others, this may serve as an introduction for more. Either way, I can't wait to see you.  Be sure to register to stay connected. 

Hi there!

I am sure you already know that March is Women’s History Month - and have I got a treat for you! I am partnering with some of my favorite people in the world to bring you a collection of Masterclasses to inspire, motivate, activate, and elevate you to your next level!Basically, we are closing out our Women’s History Month celebration with a BANG!Over 40 world renown speakers, leaders, and teachers bringing you all the goods FOR FREE! YES - you read that right! It's 100% FREE to access the Masterclasses during the week of March 28th. My coach, Dr. Tracy Timberlake (Award Winning Business Coach, Speaker and Online Influencer) is bringing together some of the most brilliant minds for this online extravaganza, including yours truly! And I am so excited about it!I am delivering a Masterclass on EMBRACING BRILLIANCE!

But we also have Masterclasses on:

  • Being a Best Selling Author
  • Monetizing Your Gifts
  • Finding Your Purpose
  • Overcoming Anxiety for Moms
  • Identity
  • Relationships
  • You name it….we probably have it! And all of the Masterclasses will be taught by the most amazing women, who are all MASTERS at their craft! 
You are not going to want to miss this!The FREE Masterclasses will be available to you the week of March 28th, and I want you there!

The Masterclasses start being released on March 28th - and you won’t believe the value of these classes! Separately, you would be paying over $3000! 

But you are getting them FREEEEEE.

I love listening to and working with powerful, ambitious women. I know how hard we work to get where we are and I also know how we often forget to give ourselves credit because some things come naturally to us. 

I know that because we had to work so hard, a lot of things get neglected in our personal lives and at times, those issues can creep back over into our professional lives. When that happens, we start to question and doubt our capabilities and expertise.

I will be hosting these meet ups periodically as a way to start conversations about what are Brilliant women struggling with, what are they overcoming, what do they enjoy outside of work/business, and what do they really want to be known for in the world. 

If that's you, please join us.

Breakthrough to 2021 will take place LIVE online Sunday, December 20th starting at 1:00pm.

This event is:

·      A fun, informative, and powerful hands-on virtual event designed for women ready to take action NOW to create their own pathways for 2021.

·      A deep dive into the world of coaching ---from mindset, business strategies, and the value of investing in yourself.

·      A chance to rub digital elbows with other amazing and dynamic women from around the world just like you.

·      Our most powerful collaboration EVER, featuring the Like-Minded Sister Circle, their expertise, actionable workshops, and more!

The Like-Minded Sister Circle Presents -

Breakthrough 2021: How Dynamic Women Revive, Reflect, and Reignite. 

Finally, One Group, One Movement, One Mission to give away the success secrets to becoming a dynamic woman on the move who is ready to create her own pathways in life. 

Be my guest at No Charge. If you purchased a ticket to see each of these speakers at different events it would cost you well over $3,000! We are giving you an opportunity of a lifetime no cost…Why? Because the Like-Minded Sister Circle has one mission: to provide busy women with resources to support them as they navigate through their life experiences and to help them grow in business, life, and influence!

I get it, you may need someone to help you gain clarity, confidence, and develop a concrete plan to help you prepare for 2021 before it starts. The LMSC have made it possible for you to enjoy this 1-Day Virtual Mastermind in the comfort of your home with your favorite leggings, comfy socks, and favorite beverage. Go here to reserve your complimentary ticket before it’s too late.

You Are Worthy of a Breakthrough!

See you at the Mastermind.

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