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If That's You, I Will Personally Work With You One-On-One to Help You Up-Level Your Career, Take Back Control Of Your Life And Finally Turn Your Dreams Into Your Reality over the next day,

90-Days, 6-month or over next 12-months!

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If You Want To Create the Impossible , be a Catalyst for New Possibility, and Change Your Life Completely, with Me (Dr. Vernita) and Other Elite Movers, Shakers and Life-Changers, Then My Coaching Partnership Is For You!!

Who Do I Work With:

High-level Career Professionals

Business Owners





Curriculum Developers




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Power Session Intensive

Sometimes you need a quick jump-start or tune up. Breakthroughs and insights don't have to take months or weeks. One conversation can literally catapult you into your next dimension.

Virtual VIP Experience 

Imagine getting to spend a few virtual hours with Dr. Vernita where the focus is 100% on you, your dreams, your purpose and the exact next steps necessary to shift to your next level.

Luxe VIP Day

An unparalleled live luxury retreat experience designed specifically for you – the one who deserves the absolute best and refuse to settle for anything less. 

Extended Private Coaching 

For people who ready for deeper work, real change, and higher level support. You will get access to her inner circle and custom plan to help you stop being interested in your goals and become COMMITTED and CRUSH them.

Elite Partnership Experience

For people ready for a high-end premium incubator. This is the highest level of collaboration and support with Dr. Vernita. You will partner with her on a journey to accelerate and expand in 12 or more areas of your life. 

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Is 1:1 Partnership Right For You?

Vernita only works with those ready to go to the next level. You don’t have to know all the answers, just be willing and open to receive. Her clients tend to already know they want Vernita as their coach and strategist. If you’re just curious, but not committed, now may not be the right time for having a coach of Vernita’s caliber at this stage of your journey. If you’re still trying to figure out if Vernita is the right fit for you, please review her bio and dive into her videos on Youtube, the Blog and other self-work options such as her courses. You may also enjoy reading the success stories of those who have been able to embrace their brilliance, expand their lives, explore new possibilities, and elevate to a new reality.


Even If Right Now, You Can’t 100% See It What’s Possible For Yourself


We were all there at one point, too... and that’s why I created the Coaching Partnership Opportunities for dreamers and believers that do nothing but be champion for themselves so they Champion across the finish line!!

Don't Just Take Our Word For It…

Hear From Some Of Our Amazing Coaching Program Life-Changers & Leaders

Marsha Flemmings-Walker

Career & Leadership Strategist

I struggled with producing the content for my conference. I had so many ideas and I was getting overwhelmed. Dr. V helped me brain dump my ideas, organize my thoughts and build a system around creating the content for two conferences. I was able to use this work to create my social media posts as well. What I valued the most was the direct and specific feedback from Dr. V.

Melissa Stires

Chief of Staff, Chief Operating Officer, Certified Executive Leadership Coach

Working with Dr. V is refreshing and renewing. She understands the unique demands corporate life can take on women in leadership. Through her incredibly crafted program, she allows already successful women to unleash their greatness by helping them remove roadblocks they didn't even know existed. I am a better leader today thanks to my work with Dr. V. Additionally, having also attended one of her dynamic speaking events, I can honestly say she is one of the most brilliant presenters of our generation. I cannot recommend her enough!

Kevin Goins

Story-Teller, Speaker Coach, Pharmacist,

I invested about $9000 in building my website, landing page, free offer, scheduling systems and more. However, when things went wrong I didn’t know where to start or what questions to ask the previous company. After working 1-on-1 with Dr. V in one area, I found the missing link to customer journey, I was able to redirect my free offer, I crafted a plan to create content from what I already had and I attracted more clients in less time compared to what I was doing before.

Sarah R. Garret 

Mompreneur, Newborn Sleep Coach

We often forget what it’s like to meet ourselves for the first time or hear ourselves talk in other’s perspective because we’re around ourselves all the time. I’m so glad you opened yourself up for this opportunity to work with me. You reminded me who I needed to listen to (ideal clients) and who I needed to ignore (people just wanting to throw out their opinions OR just not willing to receive yours.) I was taking so many notes. I’m glad I got the recording.

Dr. DeShawn Chapman

University Project Manager & Instructor

I've always had a desire to start my own consulting business but something was blocking me. I needed to get clear on who I wanted to serve and how I wanted to serve them. I also discovered that something that happened in my "professional past" was impacting my personal life with my family and why I kept feeling the need to prove myself at work. Talking through that experience was a game changer.

Dr. Shawnrece Campbell

College Dean, Author & Entrepreneur

I was dealing with adjusting to my new position at a new university and I knew that I needed to keep working on my book projects. Dr. V showed me strategies to optimize my time while still embracing my motto and core value of Family First. I can be successful at work and at home without neglecting either one.  

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