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The Story

I love teaching people new things and helping them experience that Ah Ha! moment. Given my background in education, leadership and mathematics, I am really good at understanding patterns, logic and sequences. This is beneficial for people who want or need step-by-step guidance to help them accomplish the goals they desire. As a former teacher and college professor, I am able to connect with individuals and groups by seeing the big picture and what it takes to align to vision and mission.

People always ask me "how to" advice or "what do you think about this" questions because they know I will tell them the truth and provide the best possible solution. I love to encourage people to think bigger than where they are but I also help them think through their path to possibility. I don't always believe a person or organization has to be realistic but I do believe they have to be strategic.

I started my business wanting to be a consulting for school districts sharing the framework I created from dissertation.  However, I didn't expect to shift directions to the personal development industry. After all, I am a trained educator, I already knew how to develop people, or so I thought. Certain life shifts led me down the path of human transformation and one event followed by a week long island retreat changed my life forever. I felt like I had been let in on this best kept secret and I had to share.

The Secret:

Since November 2018 I have invested heavily (both monetarily and time) into learning more about myself, what makes me tick, and what keeps others stuck. During this journey, I discovered that there were so many people, especially women like me who were successful, accomplished, degreed, and any other label of achievement you want to include who were struggling to live a full empowered and abundant life. They looked really good on paper and wore beautiful masks. However, they were still empty, unfulfilled and really unhappy behind closed doors.

Now, this doesn't mean that their lives were horrible. In most cases, hundreds of people would trade just a day with them. The issue was figuring out who they were beyond their positions, titles, and degrees. What else were they meant to do in life besides excelling in their careers or businesses? The main question, why am I really here? It is such a loaded question and I found myself asking that a I laid on my grandmother's couch, "homeless", depressed, and lost as a college professor with a PhD in mathematics education. 

The Solution:

However, I knew I wasn't alone. As I started applying what I learned from my personal development and mindset coaches, I saw a dramatic change in my life. I started working with other high-level, extremely accomplished women and they were getting similar results. I knew I was on to something. I didn't want to fully leave everything I had worked for in my professional life but I couldn't remain where I was.  

By mid 2019, I realized one main reason why people were getting stuck in careers that were once their dream, or at least a really good option. There was a lack of the BLEND; personal development infused in professional development. I shifted the way I conducted workshops, speaking engagements, and consulting sessions. While people can work with me with a focus on personal development, I will not do any professional development work without a personal growth component. Why? Simple. As I learned from my coaches over the years, your business /professional growth will only go as far as your personal growth because everything starts in your mind and YOU are everywhere YOU go. 

The Mission:

I am on the journey of helping 1 Billion people Embrace their brilliance through personal transformation as they gain access and opportunity through their imagined dream through high-level, strategic coaching and consulting. 


Most of Dr. Vernita's Client are...

High-level executives, educators, leaders, administrators, professors

Parallel-preneurs - those in a high level career but who also have a business or side hustle

Full-time entrepreneurs who need to regain focus

Anyone who is serious about changing lives

Is Private Coaching +

High-Level Expansion Right For You?

Dr. Vernita only works with those ready to go to the next level. Her clients already know that they want Dr. V as their strategist and coach. If you are just curious, but not committed, this may not be the right time for you to start your journey with Dr. V. She takes your personal and professional growth seriously. Dr. V isn't interested in telling you what to do, she is committed to partnering with YOU. If you are still trying to figure out if Dr. V is the right fit for you, please review her bio, explore her videos on YouTube, her Blog type posts on social media, or reading the success stories who have had their lives changed by the strategic work they accomplished and the impact they've had on their circle of influence. You may also find support through any of Dr. V's self-study programs.


VIP Experience 

Imagine getting to spend a full day with Dr. Vernita where the focus is 100% on you, your dreams, your purpose and the exact next steps necessary to shift to your next level. This includes two options.

Intensive Strategy Session

This private intensive strategy session with Dr. V is designed to help you uncover whatever challenges, questions, blocks, or opportunities are appearing in your life and career. During our private, 1-on-1 session, you can address any topic you like.

Private Coaching 

For people who are familiar with Dr. V' techniques and ready for deeper work and higher level support. You will get access to her inner circle and custom plan to help you embrace your brilliance at the highest level.


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