Embracing Greatness – Bookinar


A "Bookinar" is like having the author right there with you to bring the book alive. You will gain additional insights, commentary, and coaching tips that did not make the book. Get an ADDITIONAL 3.5 hours of video to have your own private book club!

This masterclass Bookinar has helped people shift their thinking and attitude to get job promotions, get new clients for their businesses, understand the root of their health issues and release stubborn pounds, and build healthier relationships with their kids. In one case, a person took a tip from one of the videos and saved THOUSANDS of dollars by getting clear on what they want BEFORE hiring a consultant. 

Imagine what can happen for you when you start EMBRACING YOUR GREATNESS!

You will see that it’s important to recognize and Embrace the Grit that got you where you are because it will help you to Embrace the Brilliance that is waiting on the other side of your most empowered and powerful self. 

***  Stop making the same career, business, or life mistakes that are causing you to FEEL stuck. You are more powerful than you realize and I am here to remind you of that. **

An inspirational guide for the high- and at times, over-achievers ready to stop hiding and ignoring all those hidden actions and struggles that got you where you are today and start embracing those accolades, acknowledgements, and awards. You are a big deal and don't you forget it.

Vernita Glenn-White, Ph.D.

I want you to think about this...

  • Imagine increasing your income, your impact and influence for those you lead and love.
  • Imagine what it would feel like to move to your next level  in life and stop feeling stuck.
  • Imagine being confident and certain about your decisions instead of  feeling overwhelmed by your choices. 
  • Imagine operating from a sense of clarity instead of feeling confused about your next steps.

YES! Count Me IN!!

 $40 vs. $97

I can't wait to see you on the other side!!!

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