Believing in the Unseen: Trusting in God’s Goodness for Your Life

Welcome or welcome back, Brilliant readers, to another inspiring chapter in our quest for personal growth, transformation and practical living. Today, we explore the theme of believing in the unseen—trusting in God’s goodness for your life, even when the vision seems unclear. In the personal development space, this is called following your intuition, tapping into divine downloads, and trusting the Universe. As I always ask, have you considered the source? (LOL) Drawing insights from the passage in Genesis 13, where Abraham demonstrates unwavering faith, we will uncover practical tips and guidance on how to embrace a vision you cannot see but must trust in God and the universe. So, let’s embark on this enlightening journey and unlock the power of believing in a brighter future.

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Let’s dive into this profound topic and uncover the path to a life of purpose, success, and fulfillment. Here are 5 points to spark your thinking.

1. The Story of Abraham: A Testament of Faith:

I am going to say something that may be considered controversial. A lot of people considered the Jewish people as one of the wealthiest and powerful nations/groups of people in general. Although we know that not EVERY Jewish person is wealthy or powerful. A lot of people have blamed God for favoritism because the Jewish people are from the seed of Abraham. I totally understand that and I used to think that too. However, that’s not the total truth. Whether you believe it or not, God opened His arms to the non-Jews (Gentiles) meaning that ALL of us have the ability to be wealthy and powerful. I’ll stop there.  Genesis 13 provides us with a glimpse into Abraham’s unwavering faith and his willingness to trust in God’s provision. Despite the uncertain circumstances, Abraham believed that God had good things in store for him. Do you have this same level of faith? His story serves as a powerful reminder that sometimes we must trust in the unseen and embrace a vision that is beyond our current understanding.

2. Cultivating a Positive Mindset:

There’s that word “mindset” again. Obviously it’s important and worth repeating. Believing in a vision that cannot be seen requires cultivating a positive mindset. Train your mind to focus on possibilities rather than limitations. I think many of us expect our minds to turn positive immediately. While our minds can shift quickly, it’s the cultivation that keeps it headed in the right direction. I invite you to practice gratitude for the blessings in your life and adopt an optimistic perspective. I’m not saying that you ignore the realities of your life. However, it is about our attitude and how we respond to real life situations. By shifting your mindset to one of positivity and abundance, you open yourself up to receive the goodness that awaits you. Can you be Trusted with Trouble. That was a message I heard from Pastor Keion Henderson. Check him out on YouTube

3. Building a Foundation of Faith:

Faith is the cornerstone of believing in the unseen. Foster your faith by strengthening your spiritual connection and spending time in prayer or meditation. Some people still think that mediation is weird and woo-woo without realizing that many of us meditate without realizing it. Now it’s time to be intentional. You don’t need candles, pillows or to be seated in the criss-cross position on the floor. Try 5 minutes at first. Seek solace in scriptures, spiritual teachings, or uplifting books that resonate with your beliefs. Surround yourself with individuals who inspire and encourage your faith journey. By nurturing your faith, you establish a firm foundation upon which your belief in the unseen can flourish.

4. Embracing Patience and Divine Timing:

Believing in a vision you cannot see requires patience and trust in divine timing. I do not have as much patience as I think, nor do I really want it. However, I’ve come to learn that patience is a structure for what I want to receive. Understand that the journey towards your vision may involve detours, setbacks, or unexpected twists. A really good journey is never quick and rarely goes according to OUR plans. It’s time to embrace the process, knowing that each step is leading you closer to the fulfillment of your vision. Trust that the universe is aligning everything perfectly and have faith that what is meant for you will come to pass in due time.

5. Surrendering Control and Letting Go:

Believing in the unseen often requires letting go of the need for control. I’m definitely talking to myself here, too. Understand that we cannot always know or understand every detail of the path ahead. We must release our attachments to specific outcomes and surrender to the wisdom of the universe. God created everything in order and all the way until the end. If He allows the universe to take care of the wild animals and trees, why wouldn’t He do the same for us? Have faith that the unseen forces are working in your favor and guiding you towards your highest good. Embrace a sense of surrender, allowing the divine plan to unfold in its own magnificent way.

Final Word for Now:

As we conclude our exploration of believing in the unseen, remember that your life holds infinite possibilities. I know that it can be challenging to imagine when you are focused on your current situation and soundings. But this is why imagination is important. Embrace the story of Abraham as a testament to unwavering faith and trust in God’s goodness. Cultivate a positive mindset, build a foundation of faith, and surrender control to the universe’s divine plan. Through patience, trust, and unwavering belief, you can embrace a vision that is beyond what your eyes can see. Embrace and trust in the process, remain steadfast in your faith, and watch as the unseen becomes beautifully manifested in your life. May your journey be filled with unwavering belief, divine blessings, and the realization of your wildest dreams.

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~Dr. V

Vernita Glenn-White, Ph.D.

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