Unveiling Lasting Joy – Elevate Your Existence Beyond the Ordinary

“Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!” – Philippians 4:4* But what does that look like in everyday life?

It’s a great day to Be Brilliant!

In today’s world, success can feel like a companion rather than an arbitrary word that’s thrown around. You probably think about it all the time. You want to enjoy the benefits of having it around at times. Yet,  you get upset when it’s not showing up the way that you want. With all of those mixed emotions, I know you’re no stranger to the pursuit of excellence. Yet, there’s a subtle whisper – a yearning for more profound fulfillment. I will call it the pursuit of exceptionalism, but we will discuss that on another day. Instead of chasing more success or wishing it was something different, let’s delve beyond the “shouldas, couldas, or wishIhadas”  and unearth the art of cultivating lasting joy at all levels of life. 

Be sure to check out the full video here for more context. Today we’re not talking about why you may not be happy with your companion of success. Instead, we’ll be elevating your existence to new heights. As I mentioned before, you’re already successful and people view you as a high-achiever, but what happens in the gap when you’re striving for more and wanting to transition to a new dimension. How do you find joy and contentment in the gap? Before we get started it is important to know that joy and happiness are different. Here’s the short version: joy is an inner feeling while happiness is an outward expression. 

It is important to know that more accomplishments and accolades won’t bring you long-term happiness or joy. I believe it is better to experience joy BEFORE the next success level so it doesn’t define you or cause you to become dissatisfied or discontent with all the wonderful things you’ve worked to achieve.

There are 15 ways you can elevate your happiness to joy while you’re in the midst of striving for your next level.

1. Dive Deep Within: Embrace introspection as the key to lasting joy. Beyond accolades lies the need to reconnect with your core values and passions. If you don’t know your core values, take some time to uncover them today. If you need a starting point, check out this resource here.

2. The Gift of Presence: In the midst of thriving, rediscover the simple art of being present. Mindfulness amplifies your connection to life’s nuances. You are always someone’s #goals so take a moment to admire the view from your current mountain top. If you don’t appreciate what you have, then why would you deserve more?

3. Curator of Experiences: Shift from a collector of achievements to a curator of life experiences. Infuse each day with intentional moments. Many of us have been programmed to aim high, conqueror and move on to the next. However, there are so many things that are missed along the journey. I believe joy is found on the journey and not at the destination. We know this, yet we don’t always embrace it.

4. Pursuit of Impact: Redirect your focus to creating impact beyond personal success. The ripples of purposeful actions are the cradle of profound joy. I’m sure you heard the saying that “it’s better to give than to receive” and I believe that. However, as the “giver” you’re also receiving another level of gratitude and appreciation from the other person and that touches the soul on a deeper level.

5. Surrender to Serenity: The pursuit of joy is intertwined with surrendering control. Trust the unfolding of life while actively co-creating it. I really don’t have to expand on this one. Think about this, there are times to have an itinerary on a trip and there are times to let the day dictate your activities. I’ve found a lot of freedom in carefree travel and everyday I’m intentional about incorporating that mindset into my daily living. 

On Your Own:

Here are a few more ways to unveil lasting joy along your journey of reinvention, transition or transformation. I want you to think about what these would look like in your own life. Make them personal to you.

6. Embrace the Dance of Vulnerability: Shed the armor of perfectionism. Embracing vulnerability deepens connections and fosters authentic joy.

7. Cultivate Gratitude Overflow: Elevate gratitude beyond a ritual like just writing 5 things in your journal. Immerse yourself in its essence, rewiring your perspective to abundance.

8. Connection through Compassion: The “magical potion” of joy often flows from enriching the lives of others. Compassion and kindness forge bonds that elevate your spirit.

9. Noble Awe in the Ordinary: Cultivate reverence for the everyday. The mundane holds within it the seeds of extraordinary joy. Consistency compounds and creates momentum. Don’t take the seemingly boring for granted.

10. Integration of Self-Love: Imbue your schedule with holistic self-care. Nurture your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

11. Mindset Mastery: Dive into the realm of a growth mindset and acknowledge the areas where you have a fixed mindset. Champion resilience, and rewire your outlook on challenges as stepping stones to mastery.

12. Wholeness through Forgiveness: The pursuit of joy isn’t complete without forgiveness. Unburden your heart and make space for profound peace. There is no need to harbor feelings that will continue to block the path to your next level.

13. Unshackle Outdated Beliefs: Your past achievements might disguise subconscious, outdated beliefs that no longer serve you. Seek them out and dismantle their grip on your mind.

14. Joyful Disconnection: Detox from the noise that muffles joy. Regularly disconnect physically, mentally, emotionally and socially,  making space for the whispers of your inner desires.

15. The Symphony of Laughter: Engage in uninhibited laughter. It’s not just medicine; it’s a gateway to soulful elation. When was the last you had a REAL soul stirring laugh?

Which one of these stood out to you the most? Do you have a plan or strategy to implement a few of them throughout your day or week? I want to remind you that you’re on a quest beyond the ordinary and might I add, beyond the typical “high-achiever”. Challenge yourself to integrate these subtle yet profound strategies.  If you watch the video here about Decided Joy, you will hear how Paul and Silas sang hymns amidst their trials.  Your journey toward lasting joy transcends circumstances. It’s a symphony that resonates from within and paints your world in hues of deep contentment. I don’t believe in settling but there is a sweet spot in finding the joy in your now before you reach the next level of success. 

Are you ready to ascend beyond success, to unlock the reservoirs of joy that lie within? Embrace these strategies not as steps but as threads weaving a tapestry of profound transformation. Step boldly – the realm of lasting joy awaits you.

Check out the full episode on Youtube here and watch for the complimentary resource. Be sure to leave a comment here or there or both. 

Until next time, 

~Dr. V

Vernita Glenn-White, Ph.D.

The Brilliant Solutionist

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