Renew – Redefine – Rise – Strategies for Unparalleled Success Part 1

Message for Coaches, Consultants Thought Leaders, & Entrepreneurs

Bible Insight based on the Women with the Issue of Blood

Reference Scriptures: Luke 8:42-48; Mark 5:24-34; Matthew 9:20-22; Luke 4:23

This post serves as notes and self-reflective questions to the corresponding video Why You’re Not Growing Professionally Pt. 1

As you’re reading this post, keep in mind that these questions and notes are based on my personal revelation and insights from reading the passages about the Woman with the issue of Blood. I recommend reading the scriptures for yourself, taking notes, then comparing your insight to mine. You will find that you will see something totally different and that’s great. It is my hope that if you are a Coach, Consultant, Thought Leader or Entrepreneur you will internalize these questions and apply them to your life and business. 

The passage points out 12 years of suffering to an unnamed woman. I gather two things from this 1. The 12 years could possibly represent how long many of us have dealt with an issue. 1. The 12 years could represent the years of programming many of us have encountered during our traditional education path or some sort of intense, structured training for a job or career path. 

Questions to Consider:

  1. Is it possible that the woman with the issue of blood knew who had the solution to her problem but since she could not access Him, she settled for the local physicians and spent all her money?
  2. Is it possible that you know the next move to make but instead of being patient and waiting on the One who knows the answer or instead of taking time to seek internal guidance you go to people who you think have the answer to your problem?
  3. Is it possible that if you are patient enough to wait on the One with the solution, you wouldn’t have spent your money on unnecessary coaching, consultants or programs? Perhaps the Holy Spirit would have led you to wise counsel (coaching) that aligned with what you needed for this season.

According to the passage the woman ran out of physical currency and she had to rely on her supernatural currency which is faith. It wasn’t the act of touching Jesus’ hem alone that healed her, it was the woman’s intention behind the action.

Questions to Consider:

  1. Could it be that when you did seek wise counsel and you started working with a coach/consultant to learn a skill, you showed up with a level of unbelief and lack of faith?
  2. Is it possible that you put your confidence and trust in the coach or program instead of in the God  who created them and the abilities He has already placed inside of you? 
  3. This might sting a little bit. Could it be that you’re really like some of the people in the crowd who surrounded the woman as she was headed to Jesus, an onlooker or a participant in the program, just there hearing but not listening to execute?

The woman spoke up in the crowd and risked  being found out. She risked her reputation/brand. She knew she was a woman who was out in public unclean but now everyone would be focused on her.

Questions to Consider:

  1. Are you willing to open your mouth in the presence of authority, in a group program, or with a coach when you either do not understand something and risk exposing a certain level of incompetence?
  2. Are you willing to put your good work on display without dimming your light and risk being called a show off or arrogant?

The woman did not hide her success/testimony when she spoke up and admitted that it was her who touched His garment. 

Questions to Consider:

  1. Have you been hiding those good things God has done for you because you think it’s insignificant? 
  2. Are you still dealing with some form of low self-worth and questioning your worthiness of receiving a blessing?
  3. Or, are you just keeping the good news to yourself like a hoarder because you’re afraid of being judged?

The women had personal trust and confidence in Jesus, who I see as the Ultimate Coach, Consultant, Thought Leader and Entrepreneur. This allowed her to be healed immediately!

Question to Consider:

  1. Could it be that you’re still suffering with your business, career, health, relationships, finances, creativity, networks, etc. because your total personal trust and confidence is in the physical coach or program and not in Jesus Christ?

The women knew Jesus’ credentials. He had already healed people and produced miracles. If you didn’t notice, in each passage prior to the story of the woman, Jesus was in the process of healing someone or He was headed to heal someone. The woman was technically an interruption. However, that was enough time for her to gather “social proof”, which increased her faith for healing. 

Question to Consider:

  1. Could the blockage of your immediate success be from your focus on the credentials of the people you’re working with or want to work with more than your focus on Jesus? This is when you have to ask yourself ‘who has the bigger and more powerful résumé?

Of course you should do your due diligence before hiring someone but it’s never a good idea to put their knowledge and expertise over Jesus.

Even with belief and faith, which is total trust and confidence, in Jesus, the woman still had to do something. She had to get into action. It doesn’t matter if you signed up to work with a God-aligned professional or get into a “destiny-filled” mastermind or not, you will not see your miracle or stop your suffering until you execute and get into intentional action. 

Here’s something that is often overlooked in this passage. The woman didn’t have to touch the entire garment. She only touched the hem, the smallest and lowest part of the fabric. Sometimes you think you need a whole year long program or an extensive package with all the bonus features or even a certification BEFORE you get your desired results, but in many cases you DON’T!

The woman was healed and made whole after ONE action step and after ONE conversation. 

Questions to Consider:

  1. Have you intentionally executed ONE thing from the to-list or asked for the one NEXT step you need to take right now? 
  2. Or are you gathering all the details and steps before making a decision? You have to determine if you’re being wise or just wasting time hiding behind the inability to make a decision and move.


I’ve given you a lot to think about as you go forth and grow your business and expand your life. Of course you could take these notes and questions and think about your clients, customers, followers but that doesn’t help you get to your next level. In my experience, the leaders who tend to stop reflecting, learning and improving their craft and they are the ones who end up stuck at some point. Don’t let that be you.

I would love to hear your thoughts and stay tuned for part 2. 


The Brilliant Solutionist 

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