Renew – Redefine – Rise – Strategies for Unparalleled Success Part 2

Message for Coaches, Consultants Thought Leaders, & Entrepreneurs

Bible Insight based on the Women with the Issue of Blood

Reference Scriptures: Luke 8:42-48; Mark 5:24-34; Matthew 9:20-22; Luke 4:23

This post serves as notes and self-reflective questions to the corresponding video  Why You’re Not Growing Professionally Pt.2

As you’re reading this post, keep in mind that these questions and notes are based on my personal revelation and insights from reading the passages about the Woman with the issue of Blood. I recommend reading the scriptures for yourself, taking notes, then comparing your insight to mine. You will find that you will see something totally different and that’s great. It is my hope that if you are a Coach, Consultant, Thought Leader or Entrepreneur you will internalize these questions and apply them to your life and business. 

This is part 2 – Note that this part may be the tail end of part 1 in the video series.

I’ll begin with some encouragement for the ladies. In Mark 5:24-34 according to Biblestudytools.com The women with the issue of blood had money and some sort of status. We can see this from her ability to visit a number of physicians over a 12-year period. 

NOTE: Did you know that there were women in the Bible who funded the ministry of Jesus and the Disciples? So women reading this, please know that you should not be afraid of money, business or leadership. For the men, it’s time to start (or continue) seeing women as partners in building business, ministries and legacies. We all could keep working on our money mindset.

Regardless of money and status, the woman was still labeled as “unclean” even though the issue of blood was an internal issue. Her issue/disease or (dis-ease) became stubborn and inveterate, which means having a particular habit, activity or interest that is long-established and unlikely to change. Her issue couldn’t be removed by ordinary methods. It required supernatural power and grace, which was the Holy Spirit. Her blood issue could have only been healed with the Blood of Jesus Christ. There is an interesting reference to this in Ezekiel 16:6. It’s easy to minimize the power of the Blood and forget about the power of the Resurrected Savior. 

It is important to note that the passages refer to the woman as “the woman WITH the issue of blood” instead of calling her the bleeding woman or the unclean woman. Regardless of her issue/disease, she was still a woman first. Whatever you’re currently dealing with, it’s important to know that you are NOT that issue or circumstance because it doesn’t define you. God looks at us from a place of victory even if we’re still in the midst of our situation.

The woman had attended several visits from physicians and local doctors over the years. In today’s perspective, this is like buying course after course, program after program and hoping from coach to coach. When digging a little deeper, you will find that many of the physicians the woman visited were pretenders, false doctors and healers. This is one reason why she wasn’t being cured. 

Without regulation in the personal development, self-help industry, we see a lot of coaches, consultants, and gurus who are pretending or limited in their abilities. They get away with it due to marketing tactics and their ability to tap into your emotions. If you take a moment to put your feelings aside, you will notice the flaws and cracks in their ability to support you and help you to reach your next level or get your desired results. 

The woman spent all her substance – money, time, resources by pursuing the WRONG direction. When she finally came across Jesus she didn’t have anything left. Think about it this way. You may have spent all your resources with the “not-right” coaches/consultants and by the time the right one came along, you were all tapped out financially or emotionally or both. 

Like the woman, a small issue then turns into prolonged suffering from seeking advice, solutions, counsel from the wrong people. You realize that the pretenders don’t have real value after the smoke screen clears. The more you depend on them the worse  your situation becomes. Like the woman, you get fed up and start taking matters into your own hands. It can be difficult to admit this but it’s necessary. 

I’ll talk about this in an upcoming post or video but we have to be careful with where we give our money, time and energy because that creates a type of covenant/bond. When we’re not led to make these agreements and we’re outside the Will of God, we put ourselves in a type of spiritual bondage. Now, this doesn’t mean that you only do business or interact with people who label themselves as “faith-based” or “Christians”. It simply means to be led by the Holy Spirit, who will often trump your intuition at times. 

The woman was weak and ashamed.

Question to Consider:

  1. Have you spent all your money and time on pretenders, going in the wrong direction and you’ve been afraid or embarrassed to admit it?
  2. Has this embarrassment kept you from seeking guidance or asking for help again?
  3. Have you lost faith and started questioning if you’re on the right path, even though you may have gone in the “not-right” direction?

The woman went to Jesus in a private/intimate manner, although it was displayed publicly by touching His garment. 

I see this as a demonstration to show that some level of intimate/private coaching or support is needed when you’re at your most vulnerable or weakest state. Here are some tips:

  1. Go to God and repent for spending the resources He gave you on pretenders and for not seeking Him first.
  2. Ask God to lead you to a coach/consultant for 1-1 support where you can be in a safe space to release all that guilt or shame. (You may need to seek therapy).
  3. Take ownership, forgive yourself and start moving forward in the right direction by taking action on the new advice you receive. 
  4. Always check in with the Holy Spirit to confirm you’re still headed in the right direction.

While we do need other people on our earthly journey, Jesus is the only one who can save our souls. All the work we do with our gifts and talents is supposed to draw people to Christ. All the desires God placed in us to enjoy and have a great quality of life is supposed to point towards His glory and His goodness. We work with coaches, consultants, leaders and other entrepreneurs to help cultivate, activate and disseminate what’s inside of us to improve the lives of those around us. It’s easy to forget this and I believe this is one reason why we have the example of the women with the issue of blood.

The woman presses forward in the crowd even with guilt and shame. 

Many of you have let guilt and shame or “coach hurt” keep you from believing that there is still room for restoration, blessings and healing. 

Remember that you get to return to God through Jesus Christ and start over again, get healed, and feel worthy of accepting the new direction.

The woman had to check her inner thoughts. She had to shift her mindset, shut out the negative self-talk. She had to fill her mind with the powerful statements and affirmations before she received the personal help, which was touching Jesus’ hem. 

This is an invitation to you to get your mindset ready and leave the trauma of the bad experiences behind. Stop tag teaming trauma when things come up. You’re more powerful than your triggers especially if you cleared things up with God first. You have nothing to explain, defend, prove, hide, or protect.

The woman’s issue of blood came from her womb which is a place of birthing and creativity. Men, you have something similar in the natural and the spiritual. We all have the ability to create because we’re made in the image of God the Creator. 

Perhaps your issue has caused a drought in your creativity and imagination of what’s possible. Maybe your issue has caused you to dim your light or operate in your comfort zone of competence or even your zone of excellence instead of your zone of genius. 

The woman felt she was healed in her body before Jesus said a word. 

Once you repent and get back into alignment with God, you realize that all of the suffering you encountered was a way to get your attention. God loves you too much NOT to get your attention so you can get back on the track He designed for you. He also loves His people and He doesn’t want them to miss out on what He has placed on the inside of you. 

The woman had peace and so will you. 

Jesus knew He had been touched. He will always know when you’re being honest and intentional and so will a great coach/consultant. 

A great and aligned coach (consultant, leader, entrepreneur) will operate out of the Holy Spirit and if you have received the Holy Spirit, you will be in agreement and the gifts and talents will be drawn out of you at a higher level. 

Again, this doesn’t mean to ONLY focus on people who SAY they are Christians or faith-based Believers. God can and will use anyone for His good, so constantly seek Him.

Jesus didn’t take credit for healing the women.

In this cyber era, social proof is huge and you may rely on testimonials to showcase your work. While this is needed, there is a fine line. Jesus could have easily taken credit for healing the woman but He gave glory to God. Your testimonials should highlight that your ability to produce results is by way of God. While Jesus was perfect, He was also fully man/human and even He had to catch His ego. He wanted to have the woman give her testimony to strengthen the faith of others like Jairus while also letting them know that there was a Higher Power and Authority than Him. 

Questions to Consider:

1. Are you able to do that in your business or with your influence?

2. Do you serve people so well that they refer your services or products to others so you don’t rely on man made marketing tactics?

I know marketing is important but when we look at Jesus as the Ultimate Example, His work/results spoke for Him. Don’t worry about what others are doing and serve your “garment” off. Let’s not market in vain and tap into Supernatural Marketing.


There will be people who benefit from your services and products and they won’t leave a testimonial or review or give you credit. You still have to be OK with that and not get caught up in your emotions or the need to have proof. Your goal is to make sure God gets the credit and glory. 

Don’t turn people away if they don’t believe in Jesus. Jesus worked outside of the temple where the sinners, thieves, adulterers, etc. gathered. God didn’t give us gifts and talents to make the physical church look good and grow. He gave them to us as equipment to gather the lost and bring them into His Kingdom. 

It’s easy to get caught up in sales numbers, generating  money, building a list, obtaining followers and having more impact and influence. All of those things are great and they have their place, but only if they are secondary. When you keep God’s assignment as the bottom line of your mission and vision for whatever you’re doing as a coach, consultant, thought leader or entrepreneur, then whatever issue arises won’t knock you off course for long because you will always know your north star…which is Christ.

I would love to hear your thoughts.. 


The Brilliant Solutionist 

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