Transcending Reason – Unleashing Your Inner Light Beyond Rationality

“For I resolved to know nothing while I was with you except Jesus Christ and him crucified.” – 1 Corinthians 2:2

It’s a Great Day to Be Brilliant!

I taught mathematics from K-12 to the collegiate level and in all my studies the main focus was on mathematical reasoning to determine truth values of the given statements. I know I’ve transferred that thinking into my everyday life. Always looking for the truth or the reason behind something. In some cases this skill served me well, but there is also a darkside to this high-level skill and I believe many of us suffer from similar symptoms. In a world where intellect reigns supreme, you’ve soared on the wings of reason, achieving remarkable heights. Yet, beneath the facade of success, you sense a whisper – an ineffable truth that transcends the confines of logic. Let’s delve beyond the surface, together unearthing the enigma of being addicted to reasoning, while summoning a paradigm shift that unlocks your inner light. Be sure to check out this video here for more context as it relates to the opening passage. 

In this post, I’ve gathered more practical tools and tips that will hopefully free you from the shackles of overthinking and igniting the spark of transformation to your next extraordinary level in life.

There are 15 ways you can master the art of a ready mind while you’re in the midst of striving for your next level.

1. Reasoning Beyond the Threshold: Venture into the realm of the unknown, where logic falters and intuition prevails. Acknowledge the uncharted territory beyond reason’s boundaries. There will be times when you can’t check the answers in the back of the book to see the right answer before starting the problem.

2. The Veil of Ego Unveiled: Peel back the layers of ego that often masquerade as rationality. Acknowledge its influence and liberate yourself from its clutches. Is knowing causing you to act out of self-importance?

3. Dancing with Paradoxes: Embrace contradictories as portals to profound wisdom. The universe defies easy categorization, inviting you to embrace complexity. Everything does not and should not fit into our limited perspectives. 

4. Redefining Knowledge: Shift your perception of knowledge. It’s not just a collection of facts but a tapestry woven from experiences, emotions, and insight. Knowledge is NOT power. The power lies in APPLIED knowledge or execution. 

5. Embrace the Unknowable: Surrender to the beauty of the unknowable. The mysteries that elude reason can be the source of the most profound revelations. Deep down we love mysteries because of the journey. Remember that our life can be a fun and unique ministry that we don’t have to be in a rush to solve. 

On Your Own:

Here are a few more ways to master your mindset along your journey of reinvention, transition or transformation. I want you to think about what these would look like in your own life. Make them personal to you.

6. The Chalice of Surrender: Sip from the cup of surrender, letting go of the compulsion to analyze every facet of life. Surrender cultivates a richer, more expansive understanding. I like the analogy of sipping because you can start surrendering a little at a time, at your own pace.

7. Embracing the Wisdom of Silence: Embrace silence as the canvas upon which insight is painted. Silence unravels truths that mere words can’t capture.

8. Dissolving the Bonds of Overthinking: Deconstruct the maze of overthinking. Recognize that overanalysis can obscure clarity and stifle your internal wisdom.

9. The Alchemy of Presence: Anchor yourself in the present moment. Here, in the now, rationality merges with intuition, offering a more holistic understanding. Be the creator of your presence. 

10. The Elixir of Heart-Centeredness: Open your heart to the whispers of your soul. It’s the wellspring of insights that transcend mere reasoning. Focus on love.

11. The Symphony of Inner Alignment: Align your thoughts, emotions, and actions. In this harmony, you’ll discover a deeper resonance beyond the confines of logic.

12. The Liberation of Non-Attachment: Embrace non-attachment to outcomes. Release the grip of analysis, allowing life’s flow to guide you. Setting a goal and not reaching it doesn’t define you.

13. Conversations with Stillness: Engage in conversations with stillness, for it’s in the quiet moments that profound revelations emerge. This can be done alone or in actual conversations. Internalize the words you are hearing.

14. The Canvas of Imagination: Imagination isn’t child’s play; it’s the bridge to the uncharted territories where novel insights reside. Many of us have forgotten how to imagine.

15. The Pulse of Intuition: Reconnect with your innate intuition. We all have it. It’s the river of wisdom that flows beneath the surface of rationality.

Well done,  you’ve traversed the corridors of reason, and now you stand at the threshold of enlightenment. I invite you to challenge yourself to absorb these strategies – not as the final word on releasing reasoning, but as keys unlocking the door to the boundless possibilities within. In this video, I talk about how the Apostle Paul resolved to know beyond human understanding so be sure to watch it for more context. You too can resolve to embark on a journey beyond the rational. As you relinquish the addiction to reasoning, your inner light will blaze, illuminating the path to a wisdom that surpasses the confines of logic.

Check out the full episode on Youtube here and watch for the complimentary resource. Be sure to leave a comment here or there or both. 

Until next time, 

~Dr. V

Vernita Glenn-White, Ph.D.

The Brilliant Solutionist

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